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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Chimera

Now I sit and contemplate 

The past as it were.
Raw emotions and feelings
Bubble up unbidden.
Out of the recess of my mind
Dark images take shape.
Fingers curl ‘round my neck,
Sharp little teeth.
Disjointed, ripped in two
I watch the scene unfold.
Blood drips from a torn lip
Cascading down my face.
One small word, uttered quietly
Unleashes horrors untold.
His pathetic rage only stoked 
By my little thought
In the almost apartment that we shared
He changed shape;
A hoped for Chimera 
But in the end a monster, a mistake.

Thrown against the wall once more
I took refuge in memories;
Laughing, crying, sighing
In a far off place.
From these images, these memories
A sort of strength arose. 
Soft hands, a remembered smell
People I once knew.

From it I built a wall of protection
To carry through the night.
This strength was not my own
But borrowed from a greater force
On that night he beat me for the last time
These choices I have made they are all mine,
But what saved me from this past

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