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Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Last Post?

On the first day of my creative writing class I found out that I would have to maintain a blog. This task may not seem daunting, but I have never been one to even keep a diary. In the past I would buy journals and diaries in hope that something would inspire me. I would write and write but only be left with pompous descriptions of boring events much like John Smith’s diaries. No one wants to read about what you eat, read, or do on a daily basis. Lets face it, these were not great literary feats. 
I briefly entertained the idea of keeping a product review blog because that was the only type I had ever read. My first review ended up a reflection on my childhood and memories in general. This is when I developed my blogs name, Salted-Away. I would devote my blog to memories and thoughts or feelings I wanted to remember. The words for my first two blogs flowed from my finger tips like water from a spout. It was as if someone were channeling my body to write--maybe this is what inspiration feels like. I am not the next Charles Dickens writing on social issues, but I truly had fun writing them. 
After these, followed a poem written when I should have been listening to a guest speaker in class. Certain words would pop into my head unannounced, demanding attention. My fingers itched to cement them on paper as my pen hastily scribbled in sloppy cursive. 
The same can be said for my recent post Juxtaposition. I started this blog in class which seems to be my muse; however, I eventually turned it into a short story about the relationship between sisters. This post will be my last for class which leaves me feeling a little empty. Over the last few months I had begun to look forward to writing each new entry for my blog. But what will I write about now? What will give me inspiration? 
The conclusion I have drawn is: what’s to stop me from writing and while I will miss the class it has given me tools. So, I will continue to write and class will continue to inspire me. 

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